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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Top Stuff From Jobs/Interview Zone

TOP STUFF FOR Cracking Interviews - (Indian IT Industry) !!!

This is the outcome of experience in this field. The information is useful especially for freshers. Sample question papers for software companies are provided. I did not talk to anybody while preparing this page because there is nothing great about interviews. Take it easy...Be honest...polite...Don't try to pretend that you know everything...accept your mistakes...Don't argue with interviews panel...I have seen many guys doing that...
Please don't send me mails asking for question papers of a particular company...or the answers of questions presented out here... Is it ethical to have a question paper before written exam? is upto you...I have nothing to say...
If you wish you can send your interview experience to share with us....Current Job scenario is very bad...I hope things will improve...
Happy Job Hunting....

Basic Interview Preparation Links
General purpose Top Stuff...
The Ultimate Guide to Job Interview Preparation - Avoid Biggest Mistakes
Dress Sense - Top tips for what to wear at an interview
Tough Interview Questions - from Monster.Com
Planet Papers - All kind of questions you are looking for
Tips For Resume Preparation - Something worth reading
50 Practice Interview Questions - Drill with these 50 questions and you'll be prepped to answer whatever an interviewer throws your way !!!
Next Step...

Top Stuff From General Puzzles
Earlier I'd thought of giving a lots of puzzles. Actually the sites given below have everything if you follow the links given out there correctly. You need to face puzzle solving only if you are fresher. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles - Fully design in Java and JavaScript - Real Fun to Explore
Puzzles.COM - Not especially tailored for the interviews but good to explore
Free Puzzle collection - Geometry Puzzles, Logic Puzzles,Math Puzzles,Weight Puzzles etc.
Puzzles (My Favorite Page) - Superb
Puzzles, Mazes, and Quizzes - OK..
Puzzle Archive and Recent Puzzles - Not many puzzles but worth visiting
Interactive Fun Puzzles - Some Nice Collections
Easier Fibonacci puzzles - I like this page.

Top Stuff From Programming Puzzles
Some companies certainly ask for these things. Specially Microsoft. Here are my favorite puzzles. Don't send me emails asking for the solutions.
1)Write a "Hello World" program in 'C' without using a semicolon.
2)Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1;
3)C/C++ : Exchange two numbers without using a temporary variable.
4)C/C++ : Find if the given number is a power of 2.
5)C/C++ : Multiply x by 7 without using multiplication (*) operator.
6)C/C++ : Write a function in different ways that will return f(7) = 4 and f(4) = 7
7)Remove duplicates in array
8)Finding if there is any loop inside linked list.
9)Remove duplicates in an no key access database without using an array
10)Convert (integer) number in binary without loops.
11)Write a program whose printed output is an exact copy of the source. Needless to say, merely echoing the actual source file is not allowed.
12)From a 'pool' of numbers (four '1's, four '2's .... four '6's), each player selects a number and adds it to the total. Once a number is used, it must be removed from the pool. The winner is the person whose number makes the total equal 31 exactly.
13)Swap two numbers without using a third variable.
14)Given an array (group) of numbers write all the possible sub groups of this group.

Top Stuff From Interview Articles
Some cool interview articles...
The Art of the Follow-Up After Job Interviews - by Kathryn Lee Bazan.
Behavioral Interviewing Strategies - by Katharine Hansen
Interviewing Do's and Don'ts, - by Randall S. Hansen
Mastering the On-Site Interview: A Guide to Company Visits - by Randall S. Hansen
Phone Interviewing Do's and Don'ts - Maureen Crawford Hentz
When Job-Hunting: Dress for Success - by Randall S. Hansen
These links are more than enough...

Top Stuff From Lateral Thinking Puzzles
There are not many puzzles on lateral thinking. My personal opinion...
Lateral thinking puzzle page - 20+ puzzles
The Lateral Puzzles Forum - Website devoted to lateral thinking puzzles.
Paul Sloane's list of Classic Lateral Thinking Puzzles - Same old stuff
Realistic Lateral Thinking Puzzles - Unbelievable...56 Puzzles?
Nicola's Lateral Thinking Puzzles - One More Surprise !!! 101 Puzzles
These links are more than enough...

Interview Experience :
Mahabharata in Interview (Shail Tiwari):-
I would like to share my one of the interview experience with you. It was with some networking and training company in 1995. I had applied there for Faculty post. I had already cleared written tests and technical interview. And it was the last interview with the HR Head of the company.
I would like to mention that in Q & A manner
HR : Shailesh, What do you expect yourself to be after 5 years?
Shailesh : Sir, I would like to be Project Leader after 5 years.
HR : But you know, this is post of Faculty, so how could it will
help you to be Project Leader? Because here you will be trained
as Good teacher not a good programmer. And First step to be a Good
Project Leader is to be a good programmer, which you can't be here.
Shailesh : Sir, I have some different opinion. Have you read Mahabharata?
HR : (Confused but looks interesting) Yes, I did. How it is related
Shailesh : Sir, Dronacharya was Teacher of Kaurawas and Pandavas, But
Pandavas had to do conspiracy to kill him in the greater war.
So it proves that good teacher can be good warrior. So as,
I could be the good Project Leader.
(And the result, I was selected).

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